International Information and Analysis Center Development of the Ukraine (IIA CRU) was founded by a group of political experts, political consultants, journalists and international lawyers from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and other former Soviet countries.
New Media
Political and social PR:
  • Development and maintenance of election campaigns on the Internet
  • Creation and promotion of personal pages
  • Evaluation of the image on the network and its correction / support
  • Creating an information field (removal / placement of news and blogs work with comments and social networks)
  • Anti-crisis Digital PR
  • Information Security
Advertising and PR commercial products and brands:
  • Derivation of a new brand on the market
  • Development of SMM strategy
  • Maintenance of advertising campaigns on the Internet
  • Correction for the brand image
  • Create a unique media content (Media production)
Analytics and Consulting:
  • Analysis of the information field
  • Data protection
  • Development of ideology and communication strategy
  • Staff training