International Information and Analysis Center Development of the Ukraine (IIA CRU) was founded by a group of political experts, political consultants, journalists and international lawyers from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and other former Soviet countries.
Monitoring System

Providing monitoring services in Ukraine and former Soviet countries since 2006.
We use complex approach in selection of materials, analysis and assessment of media scene.

Resources include but are not limited to:
  • Main top-rated central TV and radio channels
  • Over 50 central and 300 local print media
  • Over 3000 Internet resources
Based on selected materials our experts can provide various products:
  • Thematic digests
  • Market reviews
  • Alert system
  • Research notes
  • Strategic response actions
We install a specially developed application on a client’s iPad and phone which enables monitoring of all incoming information online:
  • Client installs an application on their iPad and tracks all the incoming information on real-time basis
  • Option to apply different filters to manage the messages
  • Convenient message assessment mechanism
  • Generation of reviews in Word, Pdf, Excel
  • Discussion feature between connected users
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